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Hey there, my name is Brenda, nice to meet you!

I help those who can’t find work land a job, those who struggle during interviews pass to the next round, and those who want to develop their career get to their next promotion.

I have over 7 years experience in corporate across global and national organisations at a senior management level, for varying Fortune 500 companies.

With this, I understand the complexities of the recruitment process, navigating the corporate world and all of the politics that come with it. I am here to simplify all of that for you.

I want to see you overcome hurdles, find your confidence and succeed in exactly what you’re looking for.

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You Can

When I work with clients I give you everything I have, teach you everything I know and never hold anything back.


I want to see you succeed.

Hannah Wilson

"I approached Brenda for advice after my job was made redundant in early April. Brenda was so kind and understanding. She took the time to review my resume in detail and provide me tailored advice to help me better articulate my work history and qualifications. I’m pleased to say that I now have a new job. I am very grateful for Brenda’s support and encouragement during these difficult times. Brenda is an excellent career coach and mentor. She goes above and beyond for others, and she tailors her advice so that it is bespoke and relevant to each person. I highly recommend Brenda for those looking for work and those who want to learn how to better articulate their work history and employability."

Tony Trinh

"Brenda’s expertise regarding the corporate framework and hiring process is extremely in-depth, and I found it to be very relevant when I applied for jobs. With little to no experience, Brenda helped me secure my career in the marketing industry. From editing my resume and LinkedIn profile to staging mock interviews, Brenda did it all. I am extremely thankful, and I know that anyone who uses her services will be in capable hands."

Nathan Lee

"Truly inspiring and genuine! We have been blessed with Get Me Hired ✨ Whether you need interview advice, fix your resume, start your side passion, or you're simply feeling stuck - Brenda's team will cater their amazing solutions to you. It might be hard for some to ask for help, but Brenda is super approachable and so down to earth, that the conversation flows so effortlessly! She will not judge, but rather, will work together with you, specifically around your personal situations to create action plans and accountability. Her authenticity is real and I highly encourage even a simple conversation with Get Me Hired and see where your hidden potential lies! Thank you for all your wisdom and business insights ❤️"

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