Here to help ease the application process by setting up with everything you need to land that dream role

Welcome to Get Me Hired.

Having started my professional career at 21, I have moved through internships, graduate programs and am now working for a global organisation in my dream role, as a Digital Brand Executive managing a digital marketing portfolio.

Throughout my journey I have completed countless recruitment processes from submitting resumes and cover letters, assessment centres to video and one-on-one interviews. From both an employer and employee perspective.

So I know just how hard getting noticed can be and how daunting the whole process is – and I am here to help. 

Having worked across industries such as FMCG, telecommunications, insurance, technology and oil & gas, this has given me a wealth of experience to understand what companies are looking for when they are hiring.

Let me guide you on how to get noticed, how to set yourself up early in your career and how to build an enriching journey regardless of the path you take.

Let’s have a chat.