Resume & Cover Letter Writing

  • Review current resume & cover letter
  • Supply feedback and complete re-writes
  • Provide recommendations for future changes
  • Set-up LinkedIn page & photoshoot for headshot
  • Offering services in Vietnamese and Chinese

Interview Preparation

  • Provide list of FAQs specific to the role you’re seeking
  • Tailor answers to questions based off your experience
  • Offering services in Vietnamese and Chinese
  • Conducting mock interviews 
  • One-on-one video coaching

Career Coaching

  • Provide advice on how to build your personal brand
  • Career progression mapping to help you reach your goals
  • Help you define your strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Guidance on navigating a full-time career and side projects
  • Visa and sponsorship process for international students

If your job has been affected as a result of COVID-19, please message us to discuss how we can help you for FREE